The castle trail with a difference

Simon and Nev are two Scottish guys.

Simon lives in Inverness, one of Scotland's top spots for travellers and backpackers.

Nev lives in Aberdeen. No travellers ever go there.

Their mission is to persuade travellers in Inverness to go and experience Aberdeen - with one surefire way to tempt them.

Free accommodation with Nev. In a castle.

This is their story...

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Thursday, November 06, 2003

Yes, its November. And that last post was July. Well to be honest the excuse is that the trail is over. So rather than leaving it hanging in a state of limbo like the end of the Italian Job, I thought I would wrap things up and try not to shed a tear at the same time.

The grand headline is, of course, that we did it. We succeeded in directing tourists to Aberdeen due to the lure of the castle. Those three Danish girls made it, although Sarah the Canadian does not count because she did it in reverse. Neither did four drunk, middle-aged Germans I met in a bar in Inverness, who were - I think - rather scared of me when I told them about the castle. Niall never heard from them. Perhaps for the best.

The facts that our Danish people were going to Aberdeen anyway, that they were scared of the castle, that the purpose of The Castle Trail was to get people to go there who weren't already going, and that my success rate considering all the tourists I met was pitiful, are all irrelevant. I'm claiming victory. I have few enough moments of glory in life without missing out on this one!

Well, so it is at an end. The tourist season is winding down here as winter sets in, and I can only look forward to the masses returning at around Easter time. I wonder what I could do with the ones I meet next year? Niall is applying for teaching jobs in Korea at the moment. Now there's an idea forming...

Goodbye, dear readers.