The castle trail with a difference

Simon and Nev are two Scottish guys.

Simon lives in Inverness, one of Scotland's top spots for travellers and backpackers.

Nev lives in Aberdeen. No travellers ever go there.

Their mission is to persuade travellers in Inverness to go and experience Aberdeen - with one surefire way to tempt them.

Free accommodation with Nev. In a castle.

This is their story...

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Thursday, April 17, 2003
Hello this is Simon. You'll be hearing from Nev and myself over time about our mission.

I guess it is worth explaining why we are doing this. Well, it all starts in the autumn of 2001, when we had both finished university and took four months out to go travelling round Eastern Europe and the Middle East. We got back to Scotland and saw it in a different light, asking ourselves why people would come to Scotland, and what would be the appeal of Aberdeen, the city in which we had spent the last five years and where we had seen or met not a single traveller.

Nev is in Aberdeen, but I am now in Inverness, which outside Edinburgh is the traveller capital of Scotland. From the glut of youth hostels, to the regular bus tours, to the touristy pubs, there is so much more evidence of this wee city being a hive for travellers. Not surprising, considering it is within reach of all the famous aspects of Scotland - Loch Ness, the Isle of Skye, the beautiful mountains of the Highlands, the whisky trails of Speyside, and of course Moray Firth Radio.

But why don't they also go to Aberdeen? Well, not only does it have an outstanding nightlife, due to its size and large student population, it is also where you can find Nev in his castle. Perhaps he'd best tell all about that side of things.